So who are we?

In simple terms, we are a review site for testing (certification) services. However, we are so much more!

We are not a salespersons voice, but a platform for the voice of users.... you!  It's time for you as staff of a Credentialing program or an association to have a voice about how your testing services with examination development, psychometric, test delivery, and regards to customer service, and examination accreditation support. It's also an opportunity for those exploring the world of credentialing to have a resource when tasked with the job of finding a solid, reputable testing service to meet your needs.

It's time for end users to have a collective voice in an incredibly collective voice in an incredibly competitive market to simplify the buying process.

Now, who's behind this review site? Founder, Keith Segundo - association/credentialing program veteran realized that there was a true need for this type of resource within the credentialing community for those tasked with making this huge decision.  The vision is this review site it to be used as a tool, a resource for you and your staff.