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Did you know that 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations?  As humans, we highly value the opinions of our family, friends and peers. Hiring a test provider for our certification program is one of the most important investment decisions an organization must make. So, with that in mind, this resource of online reviews, provided by real users of such testing services – is here for you to prepare you for a HUGE business investment.  

As staff or as an executive of an association or even as a board member tasked with finding the best, most reliable, testing service for your certification program – it would serve as a valuable resource to hear from your peers about how well their testing services are managed and how well they suit their needs.  It’s time for a centralized forum where certification staff, executives, board members, and alike can speak openly and honestly about their experiences with their testing service.  It’s time for end users to have a collective voice in an incredibly competitive market.

With these things in mind, it’s time for executives to hear from their peers about how well their online community performs and how well it suits their needs. It’s time for a centralized forum where community managers, executives, and IT professionals can speak openly and honestly about their experiences with their online community. It’s time for end users to have a collective voice in an incredibly competitive market.

We won't eat at a new restaurant without first reading reviews on Yelp, so why do we spend thousands of dollars on testing services without reading peer reviews?

After over a decade of working in the association space with our primary focus on testing/certification programs – it dawned on us that there was a lot happening in the space of testing services and no central location to fully understand all that a company offers and to what extent the value of their services are.  You often hear the chatter at conferences about this company’s services vs. the other company’s services and at the end of the day – each comes as a major decision for you as staff or as the executive of the certification program to choose the right testing services for your certification program.

That statement above is why was created. It's ludicrous that we won't choose a vacation spot, decide where to eat dinner, or even buy a fancy cup of coffee without reading reviews first. And yet, we drop thousands of dollars on testing services without a resource to read up on what our peers think about that service? That just not right.

Sure, talking with a vendor's reference clients is one thing, but as someone who has gone through the testing services buying process a few times now, we know that you aren’t necessarily getting a balanced perspective from them. This site will give testing service buyers like you honest, verified reviews you can trust.

How can I trust the reviews on

Because we take seriously the legitimacy of reviews given here. Even more seriously than you do. We apply a rigorous validation process to ensure that reviews given on testing services are trustworthy and given by reliable sources.

Do you like this idea? Yes? We need your help! is only as good as the reviews we can gather. And that's why we need your help to reach a critical mass of 100 reviews!

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